tory cuts too radical and too fast

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What are they worried about – doing everything so fast- so many people are going to be affected by these cuts and cause real hardship – Where is the compassion and caring that we hear so much about!
Education cuts will cause real misery and put back education 15 yrs – already schools are closed for weeks in the winter due to poor heating and classroom and now they cut the budget to rebuild and renovate our schools.
NHS -another step towards privatisation! Two teir system on the way. Poor standards of care as fewer trained nurses are being trained and the ‘more nurses’ employed are untrained and ‘cheaper’  labour on the wards. Where will the expertise be? Fewer nurse training places available now than ever before.
We must stand up now for our right to slow down these changes !
Remember Liberals were the losers in this election and now are running the country!!


Monday feeling!!

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Today is hot and clammy , us Brits are obsessed by the weather!! Busy day at the surgery – worrying news about ?disbanding of the doctors parnership – will I be out of a job or not – not to worry sometimes these things happen for a reason and time to re assess one’s life – time for travel or off to the seaside to live – nice thought – well back to work the ususall array of patients with cuts and bruises and bp check to do – really must get back to my own diet and exercise programme – lead by what I do and not just what I say – it’s so difficult xx
Can’t wait for Thursday to see Harriet Harman – an inspiration to all women what they can acheive it they try!!

Sunday 17/7

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busy day = clearing out the house and doing the garden= getting ready i hope for prospective buyers – I hate selling houses most stress inthe world – really want to move to house by the canal but need a buyer first!!!
Glad Rich had a good day at Labour Hustling! meetinghopefully new labour leader and future Prime minister !! Hope Rich is next Prime Minister LOL he could do it i’m sure